Richard Lowenberg

P.O. Box 8001, Santa Fe, NM 87504 505-603-5200

Born: Haifa, Israel; Aug. 31, 1946; US Citizen.
Education: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; Environmental Design and Film; 1964-68.

.org director, tele-community planner, environmental designer, artist, writer, and eco-cultural activist.

Create 1st-Mile Initiative (, to advocate for and help bring affordable, 'open' broadband to all in New Mexico, 2006-.

Senior Broadband Planner with Andrew Cohill's tele-community consulting firm, Design Nine, Inc., 2007-

Executive Director of the Davis Community Network ( and the Yolo Area Regional Network, Davis, California, 1996-2006. Bridging digital divides while setting ecological examples for local information societies.

Founding Programs Director of the Telluride Institute, Telluride, CO, 1984-'96.

Speaker, writer and consultant on Creative Practices, Ecological Tele-Community Development, Networked Economics and Information Ecology, in the US, Europe, Latin America and Japan. (more)

Design, architecture and planning projects include:

Artworks: paintings, sculpture, video, photography, audio, text, installation and performance works, have pioneered in the ecological integration and exploration of art, science and technology, with a primary focus on the social implications of our evolving Information Society.

Current, ongoing and broadly encompassing personal projects: