Venice Biennale '86

In early 1986, I was invited to create an installation of current work for the Venice Biennale (Art & Science: Informatique Exhibition) in Italy. After encountering and overcoming numerous logistic difficulties, IR opened on June 27 at the Corderia, an historic Armory rope factory. The installation included a video tape composition created with a military FLIR (forward looking infrared) aerial surveillance images; an audio tape composition of three talking computers discussing: information theory, military communications and surveillance, a 10' x 20' map/painting, pinpointing and detailing the military nuclear infrastructure (US, NATO and Italian facilities) in Italy; and a short performance on the opening evening.

I left Venice on June 30. Subsequent reports to me from friends visiting the Biennale, indicated that in early July, the IR installation was shut down and my name and any evidence of the work was removed. Cablegrams and telephone queries to the Venice Biennale staff were not answered. The large painting was shipped back to me that Fall.

The Best Defense is a Cultural Offense