Out of Order

Reconstructions from The Repository for Technological Disorders

During 2001-2003 I produced and exhibited a series of (12) sculptural assemblages composed of recycled materials, discards, refuse, found objects and just plain junk.

I rarely make objects. The majority of my creative efforts to date have been more temporal: photography, performance, video, audio, Internet works. Intangibles.

I have accumulated lots of assorted ‘stuff’ over the years, though; roadside discards, thrift store collectibles, high tech scraps, rusting farm implements, municipal waste, and occasional rare natural gifts found along seldom traveled paths. Spread out in my studio, these random elements slowly began to come together in new patterns and assembled relationships. With creative intervention on my part, a number of art objects have taken shape; some gravitating toward inspired simplicity, others laboring in trial and error tedium, before emerging as complete entities.

These works seem to want to tell stories: histories, comedies, tragedies, light operas, fictions;
about art, technology, nature, humanity, waste, wars and the joy of random effects.

Fortunately, all of the works are “Out of Order”.