People Who Say 'Nucular'

(Some documented individuals, past and present, who should know better)

Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th U.S. President
Walter Mondale Senator (D-MN); V.P.; Presidential Candidate
Casper Weinberger Secretary of Defense
James Watt Secretary of the Interior
Dean Knuth Commander, US Navy
Bernard F. Halloran US Arms Control Agency
Ed McAteer Moral Majority Leader
Petra Kelly German Green Party Leader
Angela Davis Educator/Activist; V.P. Candidate, Communist Party
Peterson Zah Chairman, Navajo Tribal Council
William H. Boyer Author, America's Future
Neal Gabler Media Critic
Stuart Eisenstadt, U.S. Under-Sec. of State; Ambassador to EU
Tom Smothers Entertainer
Pat Roberts Senator (R-KS); Intelligence Committee
Alex Standish Editor, Jane's Intelligence Digest
Robert K. Brown Lt. Colonel, US Army; Publisher, Soldier of Fortune
John S. Herrington Secretary of Energy
Richard Viguerie Conservative Leader
Patrick Clawson Deputy Dir., Washington Inst. For Near East Policy
Patricia Sun Healer; Author
Robert G. Eppinger Ph.D., Nuclear Expert
Tom DeLay Congressman (R-TX); House Majority Leader
Robert Bly Poet
Michael Douglas Actor; Anti-Nuclear Activist
Donald C. Latham Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3I
Lando W. Zech Vice Admiral, US Navy; NRC Chairman
David Kay Chief US Nuclear Weapons Inspector; UNSCOM; IAEA
Norman Schwartzkopf General, US Army
Christopher Shays Congressman (R-CT); Nat'l Security Sub-Committee
Nic Robertson CNN (British) Journalist
David C. Morrison Reporter, National Journal
Sam Skinner White House Chief of Staff; Secretary of Transportation
Robert Gallucci US Diplomat; Dean, Foreign Service School, Georgetown U.
Peter Kornbluh National Security Archives, Cuba Project Dir.
Kenneth Copeland TV Minister
Les Aspin Sec'ty of Defense; (D-WI), House Armed Serv's Com., Chair.
Steven R. Donaldson Science Fiction Author
Joseph C. Wilson, IV U.S. Ambassador; National Security Council
James V. Edmundson Lt. General, USAF, Director of Operations, SAC
Randy Larsen Colonel, USAF; Dir., ANSER Inst. For Homeland Security
Robert S. Norris Ph.D., Dir., NRDC Nuclear Weapons Datebook Project
Jack Caravelli Dep't of Energy, National Nuclear Security Admin.
Cresson Kearny Author, Nuclear War Survival Strategies
Marlin Fitzwater White House Press Secretary
Chris Gates President, National Civic League
Don Williams Nuclear Industry Lobbyist
Tim Leslie Assemblyman (R-CA)
Wade Richards Ph.D., Director, McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center
Trent Lott Senator (D-MS); Majority Leader
Robert Torricelli Senator (D-NJ); Foreign Relations Committee
Donald Richardson Secretary of Energy
John Warner Senator (R-VA); Armed Services Committee
Robert Maginnis Lt. Colonel, US Army; Family Research Council
Peter Bergman CNN Journalist; Author
Harrison Ford Actor, Environmental Spokesperson
Thomas P.M. Barnett Naval War College; Author, The Pentagon's New Map
Richard Myers General, USAF; Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman
Jesse Ventura Governor (Ind.-MN); Pro. Wrestler
Robert Graham Senator (R-FL); Intelligence Committee
Bill Nelson Senator (D-FL); Armed Services & Foreign Rel. Committees
James H. Wilson Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner
Ellen Fauscher Congresswoman (D-CA), House Armed Services Committee
Michael Scheuer CIA Counter Terrorism Officer; Author (Anonymous)
Evan Bayh Senator (D-IN); Chair, Democratic Leadership Council
George W. Bush, Jr. 43rd U.S. President

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