"IR" is a media-performance exploring the Infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

"IR" is set in total darkness, and features (one to four) blind performers. These non-sighted performers wear head-mounted ultrasonic echolocation devices which aid with spatial mobility by converting their sensing of distance, shape and signal absorption or reflection into programmed sounds. The performers generate and move within an acoustic feedback environment; much like bats or dolphins. The sounds are amplified and emitted through small speakers worn by the performers. Based on learned and rehearsed skills, the sounds and movements become a site-specific, improvised, synaesthetic dance-music composition. The performers also wears an ultrasonic heartbeat/bloodflow sensors, adding a rhythmic accompanyment to their bio-accoustic choreography.

“IR” performances are viewed and recorded by a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) video system, converting thermal energy into visual imagery. Strategically placed small flat panel screens display the thermographic performance without illuminating the space.

"IR" provides its audience with a unique view through a shifting electromagnetic window, onto an otherwise un-sensed, yet pervasive realm of our information environment. It offers virtual entry into a rich world of thermodynamic interactions, tactile exchanges and entropy made visible.