Early Video Projects

I began creating and presenting performance and media (film/slide/light projection) works from 1966-1969, in New York City, Denver/Boulder and San Francisco. Returning to NYC in 1970, I met Woody and Steina Vasulka and other early audio-video pioneers, and started to create my own video art compositions, while also producing a series of video documentaries for the Art Students League, and initiating video/audio classes at Pratt Institute.

"Feed Fields Back" and "See Mudra Gulp", produced in 1971, on 1/2" reel to reel CV format systems, were shown at the Whitney Museum, NYC, and Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, in 1971.

These two video compositions were restored, upgraded and presented at "Reel to Real: Historic Video", at the San Francisco Art Institute and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in 1984.

"Feed Fields Back" selected still frames.